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/ 10,000

Each Token is 40 MATIC (approx 0.02 ETH)

Select # Tokens to Mint / 何枚買うか選ぶ:

Minting How-To Guide

Welcome to the Jasmy Clubhouse, where you can find information about our NFT!




Unlike cryptocurrencies, each token can hold a different value based on rarity. This is what makes them fun to trade and collect!


Clubs! クラブ

Tokens will also provide access to clubs inside our community!

Hara VIP Club
Hara VIP Club
Hara’s VIP Club is a part of the clubhouse where Hara himself often likes to spend his time.
NFT Artists Club
NFT Artists Club
The NFT Artists Lounge. Here you can join the creators of the Jasmy Clubhouse, where they can teach you how to create NFTs!
Metaverse Club
Metaverse Club
The exclusive virtual Jasmy Clubhouse Lounge in Decentraland! Where members can explore the metaverse together!

Do you want to open a club? It's simple! Just send a DM to our twitter @JasmyIntl or contact our team on Discord. Let us know 1) Your club name 2) What you offer 3) how many sessions/events you will host. If approved - we will airdrop you up to 5 NFT's!


- Accumulate 10K users on our Subreddit

- Kidnap an artist

- Design the collection

- Form clubs within the clubhouse

- Whitelist Events (on Discord)

- Presale / Public Mint

- Arrange virtual clubhouse

- Exclusive Q&A with $JASMY CFO

- NFT Artist Collab event

- Continue to add clubs and have fun!

Meet the Team


Kunal is the project leader at Jasmy Clubhouse. Nobody actually knows what he does exactly, except that he ends up making things happen. He is also a renowned crocodile dundee impersonator who rides a kangaroo to work.


Yuka is the teams cultural advisor and translator. Trained at baseball since the young age of 7 - she is known to use her bat to intimidate the team into higher productivity rates.


Not to be confused with Thor (but he has the same super-powers!). Toru supports Jasmy Operations and communication between the Japan office and Jasmy International.


Tate is the teams Chief Marketer & solidity developer. He is a jack-of-all-trades and supports all areas of the NFT (mostly areas Bryan is too dumb to handle). He also eats elk.


Bryan is the teams artist and web designer. He is a veteran of failure in the NFT market, and was only hired by Kunal and Tate out of pity. He also secretly has a crush on Yuka.

The Community
That's Right! You play a critical part of our team as well. After the NFT is minted, allocations will be reserved for future clubs and events created by members inside our community.